Ask Tom: The 2020 Fall Dining Guide is out

Ask Tom: The 2020 Fall Dining Guide is out


We haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet! But I digress.


Restaurants, if any of you are planning on offering T-Day feasts for two this year (and what a good idea that is), please let me know and I’ll post the news here.


FOOD FLASH: The Wharf is poised for a fresh restaurant from a respected chef. Kevin Tien, the talent behind the late Himitsu and the ongoing Emilie’s, tells me he’s taking over the Kith/Kin space in the InterContinental hotel as early as the end of October. His latest project, the 48-seat Moon Rabbit, takes its name from Vietnamese folk lore and will highlight elevated, French-inflected versions of family recipes, says the chef. 

“This is a new beginning for me and my cooking,” says Tien. While he says he initially had no interest in joining a hotel, the owners are giving him free rein to do his own food. Moon Rabbit, he says, is like having “my own restaurant without the hassle of running a business” during a global pandemic. Plus, “the view’s not bad.” 


 Wish him well. Not only is he opening a new establishment, he’s getting married on Monday, to the woman whose name was featured at his last job, Emily Potter.  The small family event will include Tien’s out-of-town mother and grandmother, who will be among the first to taste dishes from his forthcoming menu. “My toughest critics,” figures the chef. 


CREAM OF THE CROP: Were you worried there wouldn’t be a fall dining guide this month? I had my doubts earlier this year. But I’m pleased to roll out my 21st annual collection today, a celebration of restaurants that not only have good taste and consistency in their favor, but are shining a light on the path forward.  And here’s my essay from yesterday, looking at some of the creative approaches area restaurants are taking during the crisis. I welcome your thoughts.  


Let’s get cracking. 


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