Free Range on Food cooking Q&A:

Free Range on Food cooking Q&A:


Have you ever gone apple picking? It sounds like such a wholesome way to while away a fall afternoon, doesn’t it? 

My apple picking, alas, has been confined to grocery stores and, if I’m lucky, roadside stands and farmers markets. 

Just in time for the start of autumn, Voraciously lead writer Becky Krystal rounded up “8 sweet and savory apple recipes that will have you feeling fall.” She pulled some of the best apple recipes from the archive because she (and you) can expect your CSA/farm boxes to be brimming with them soon, if they are not already.

The recipes included everything from Apple Cheddar Latkes to Apple Cranberry Crumb Pie.

We have hundreds of apple recipes in our Recipe Finder. Take a look. Becky couldn’t include them all in that roundup. For example, the Tarte Tatin that Daniela Galarza wrote about before she joined the Post staff earlier this year. As she tested and developed her take on the classic dish, Daniela tried apple after apple, settling on Golden Delicious as the best choice for this classic dish. (I anxiously tested the recipe – flipping it is a breath-holding experience. It turned out great.)

What else do you like to do with apples? Which are best for which kinds of recipes? Share your apple expertise with us. Tell us your ideas or share your favorite Post apple recipe.

For me, a South Louisiana girl, a month with an R in it calls for oysters, so I pulled together my favorite grilled oyster recipe to share. 

Joe Yonan embraced fall, too, with a Portobellos With Chickpeas and Tahini recipe from food writer Nigel Slater who in his new cookbook, “Greenfeast: Autumn, Winter,” beautifully describes how the right dishes complement the season: “I dig out my capacious ladle for a creamed celery root soup as soft as velvet. The temperature of the plates and bowls will change. We want to hold things that warm our hands, a sign of the happiness to come.”

And, while we often come together and find common ground around foods, flavors and cooking techniques, sometimes it is the simplest things that stir passions. An example? Becky wrote about “how to make excellent scrambled eggs,” sharing her advice and the various options, and drew a fervent response.

Do you have a favorite way to scramble? We bet you do.

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